Spanish Cooking Class and Market Tour

Small Groups

4 hours

Day tour



Get ready to learn how to cook like a local from your very own host in a private cooking class. Delicious flavors, ancient recipes from the Muslim period and unique cuisine tips and tricks are included in this authentic experience. Bring home a real taste from Spain with you.




  • Meet the foodie expert and head towards the local market. Learn how to choose the best ingredients, get to know the vendors and talk to the other locals.
  • Now it’s time to start the adventure! You will enjoy a hands-on experience, where you’ll cook together with your foodie host in a traditional kitchen with patio Chop, fry, stir, taste and voila, you’ve almost done your very first Spanish lunch.
  • Then, let’s enjoy the 4-course lunch sharing the table. Ask your host all the questions that go through your mind. You’ll be able to cook these recipes to your friends, they’ll love them!
  • There’s no other better way to understand a country’s culture than through its food. Get a full-on experience and truly get to know Córdoba, its lifestyle and delicious food by learning how to cook the traditional dishes.




  • A guided tour through the historical district of Cordoba
  • A guided visit to the local market
  • Cooking class of Classic dishes from Córdoba: Salmorejo, Cogollos al Ajillo, Paella, and Arroz Cordobés
  • 3 drinks (Andalusian wine, beer or sherry) and 1 cocktail
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