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Spanish Cooking Class and Market Tour

Prepare typical Spanish food and enjoy your own meal!

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Single Person
Two to Four People
Five to Ten People

Discover Local Markets and Cook Spanish Food

Get ready to learn how to cook like a local from your very own host in a private cooking class. Delicious flavors, ancient recipes from the Muslim period and unique cuisine tips and tricks are included in this authentic experience. Bring home a real taste of Spain.

All market classes are taught by a local food expert, and are designed for both accomplished and novice cooks. The menu is frequently updated to include local seasonal ingredients and consists of an appetizer, a starter soup, a classic rice dish and a delicious dessert that you will enjoy with a generous amount of Andalusian white wines. The menu can always be adapted in order to accommodate dietary restrictions, but please advise us beforehand so we can plan accordingly.


Meet the foodie expert and head towards the local market. Learn how to choose the best ingredients, get to know the vendors and talk to the other locals. Now it’s time to start the adventure! You will enjoy a hands-on experience, where you’ll cook together with your foodie host in a traditional kitchen with a patio. Chop, fry, stir, taste and voila, you’ve made your very first Spanish lunch.

Then, let’s enjoy our four-course lunch, sharing the table. Ask your host all the questions that go through your mind. You’ll be able to cook these recipes for your friends; they’ll love them! There’s no other better way to understand a country’s culture than through its food. Get a full-on experience and truly get to know Córdoba, its lifestyle and delicious food by learning how to cook the traditional dishes.