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Top 9 tapas dishes of Cordoba

Salmorejo tapas Cordoba

On holiday in Cordoba? Prepare yourself to enjoy in addition to the wonderful monuments of the city, traditional Cordoba cuisine, offering unrivaled dishes at very reasonable prices. Using simple and very local products and raw materials, combined in peculiar ways with a touch of spices from different influences, are the perfect excuse to spend several days in the city enjoying its restaurants

The salmorejo is, without a doubt, the par excellence dish of Cordoba. Do not make a salmorejo like the Cordoba. Made with tomato, bread and olive oil, salmorejo is a creamy (not soup) cold and creamy that will delight your palate on the hot summer days. In La Salmoreteca they offer a wonderful variety of salmorejos that mix with more varied ingredients, avocado, watermelon, beet ….

Salmorejo tapas Cordoba

Rabo de toro. (Oxtail) The traditional Cordoban bull tail is another of the delicacies of Córdoba’s gastronomy. Whether in tapa or in dish, the bull’s tail is one of the dishes that has the most solera and best describe the table Cordoba. With a delicate elaboration it is served after a minimum rest of half an hour. It is prepared with onion, bull’s tail, tomatoes, green peppers, carrot and garlic; All fired with the magnificent white wine Montilla-Moriles (also Cordovan).

Boquerones in vinagre (Anchovies in vinegar) is another typical tapa in Cordoba. The preparation of the anchovies in vinegar is usually greater than a day, since the anchovies should be left in vinegar so that they take their flavor. It is essential to use a good olive oil and a good wine vinegar.

Cordero con miel (Lamb with honey) The most caloric dishes are essential in the gastronomy of Cordoba for the cold days in the mountains. The lamb to the honey becomes one of the favorites in the winter time for its preparation and forceful flavor. It is an ancient recipe of Muslim origin in which the salty flavors (of the lamb) with sweet (honey) are combined creating a contrast full of nuances.

Habas a la cazuela (Beans in casserole) This stew is typical to enjoy the products of the garden: beans, artichokes seasoned with ham and peppermint. A simple but delicate realization so that the beans do not lose their flavor mixed with other stronger flavors like ham.

Berejenas fritas (Fried eggplants). It seems simple dish but not easy to elaborate. Let the eggplants run out of fat and crunchy has its tricks. Combined with honey or salmorejo, they are a whim of gods.

Flamenquín Who has not eaten a Ham Flamenquín in Cordoba does not really know which dish is being lost. Flamenquín de jamón is one of the essential dishes of the gastronomy of Cordoba. Their preparation is simple and usually accompanied by homemade mayonnaise and fries. That carries? The flamenquín has fillets of thin cut pork loin, ham and cheese (who wants). These three products are rolled and passed through flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs and then fry in olive oil. A simple delicacy that your palate will recognize among all the available menus.

Flamenquin tapas Cordoba

Cogollos al ajillo (Lettuce with garlic). The simple is also very tasty the so-called fried lettuce or buds to the Cordoba, it is a salad of buds that are eaten by hand, seasoned with a certain sauce made of olive oil, fried garlic, paprika, vinegar and salt.

Pastel Cordobes (Cordoban cake) This dessert is a Muslim heritage that has survived years of cooking. It consists of a mass of confectioned cider puff pastry, known as angel hair, with a topping of toasted almonds and powdered sugar and cinnamon. An exquisite delicacy for the sweetest palates.