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Eating a bit of History

bread and dip

That is what we made when we eat a traditional recipe of Cordoba in one of Its famous restaurants or taverns, some with more than 55 years as “El Caballo Rojo” or others with less than two years of life as “Noor” with a Michelin start, with the chef Paco Morales.

The history of Cordovan food is an adventure that takes us a long, long way from the peasants eating tortilla de patatas under the Mezquita or the idea of flamenquin near the Puente Romano in a terrace, across the river Gualdalquivir.

Other day we will talk about the Roman influence, but our actual gastronomy in Cordoba have signs of Muslim influence, like the use of spices (oregano, peppermint, tarragon)  or the use of foods introduced by the Arabs, like beans, lentils, beans and chickpeas, although there was a star product in Arab cuisine: the eggplant. This was the fundamental basis of a dish that was called ‘Alboronía’ and that could have derived in what today we know as Pisto.

Also in the desserts, with sweets, nuts such as pine nuts, almonds and, above all the spices. Like cinnamon or clove have a prominent presence.

Expert in food and manager of Foodie and Experiences in Cordoba, relates in delicious detail the creation of contemporary Cordovan cuisine, like mazamorra, the great unknown of our gastronomy that every time has more discover and prefer to other recipes more known as the salmorejo.

In short, the mazamorra is made with bread crumbs, raw almonds, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, vinegar and salt. It is also usual to add hard boiled eggs and black olives. This is certainly a fresh and delicious dish, typical of the popular gastronomy of Cordoba. Even for many, the mazamorra is considered as the pre-Columbian antecedent of the Salmorejo of Cordoba. Thus, we could call it a type of “salmorejo without tomato”, or “salmorejo of almonds”.

The recipe:

Ingredients needed:

  •    200 grams of village bread.
  •    50 grams of raw almonds.
  •    200 ml. Of extra virgin olive oil.
  •    A garlic clove.
  •    Salt and vinegar to taste

For your support:

  •    Fresh almonds.
  •    An egg (hard) of quail.
  •    Some black olives.

Elaboration of the dish: We crush the bread, the almonds, the garlic, the oil, the vinegar and the salt until there is a very fine mass of whitish tone. If necessary, we would add water. Once we have the mixture with the appropriate texture, we serve it in a clay pot, decorating the plate with the black olives and the hard egg. We can put the final brooch with a splash of oil.